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Rise of Pirate guide

Rise of Pirate guide


Starting in 2014 as a single rehearsal studio, Pirate has grown to be one of the biggest providers of rehearsal spaces in the world with 37 locations across four countries. Making an important contribution to the sector the guide asks what makes it so successful? Seven A4 colour pages explore Pirate's background & history, how it operates, music genres catered for, pioneering remote access and its customer base.

  • Introduction

    According to the Oxford English dictionary the noun pirate "is a person on a ship who attacks other ships at sea in order to steal from them". Although this might be a strong metaphor of the Pirate (Studios) operation it goes some way to explain how it is disrupting the established music rehearsal space world. Indeed, it's Facebook page states it's: "Creating the future of rehearsal and DJ studio”. So what is Pirate all about?

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