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Over 450 images of leading music rehearsal spaces around the world

There are many music rehearsal spaces across the world offering excellent opportunities for musicians to perfect their music-making. A rehearsal space can range from one bare room to a dedicated space with soundproofed practice rooms, some with a recording studio. Many are run on a commercial basis but can include makeshift rooms and shared areas such as community centers and even Dad's garage. Spaces are often unique in response to their users, location and the building they are housed in.,, music, rehearsal, practice room, band space, band practice, recording studio, rehearsal room, music rehearsal space gallery, 13 Sound Studios, 44 Music, Abacus,, music, rehearsal, practice room, band space, band practice, recording studio, rehearsal room, music rehearsal space gallery, 13 Sound Studios, 44 Music, Abacus Recording Studio, Abbey Lane Studios, Abbey Music Studios, Absolute Music, Africa Studios, Airplay Rehearsal Studios, Airtight Studios, AlphaDelta Recording Studio, Antenna Studios, Ant Farm Studios, Apollo Audio, Apollo Studio, Appleyard Studios, Archive Studios, Arch Studios, Ashby Academy of Rock, Aspect Studios, A.T. Music Group, Audio Underground, Audio Works, Axis Rehearsal & Say Music Recording Studios, Backstreet Studio, Back to Black Music Studios, Bad Habit Rehearsal Rooms, Bally Studios, Banana Road Studios, Banana Row Music Company, Barnroom Recording Studios, Barton Studios, Basement Studio, Base Studios, Beatsabar Music Project, Big City Jacks, Big Noise Studio, BlackFrog Studios, Black Rock Subway Studios, Black Room Studios, Black Rose Studios, Blackwater Studios, Bleeding Ear Studios, Blotto Studio, Bluebarn Recording Studios, Blueberry Hill Studios, Blue Line Studios, Blueprint Studios, BonaFideStudio, Bottega Rooms, Brazen Sound Studios, Breakout Music Space, Brick Lane Studios, Brighton Electric, Brixton Hill Studios, Brockley Studios, Brunel Studios, Brunswick Mill Rehearsal Studios, Bush Studios, Cabin Fever Rehearsals (Pool), Cabin Fever Rehearsals (Redruth), Campbell Road Music Studio, CapsaArx Studios, Captain Toms, Card Trick Music, Cargo Rooms, Carlton Studios, Carncrees Rehearsal Studio, Cartel Studios, Casemates Rehearsal Studios, Catalyst Rehearsal and Recording Studios, Cathedral Studios & Rehearsal Rooms, Cellar Rooms, Cherry Tree Studios, Chicken Shed Studio, Church Lane Studios, Clearwater Studios, CM Rehearsal Studios, Coventry Rehearsal Rooms, Crash Rehearsal Studios, Creation Studios, Crimson Craft Audio, Crown Lane Studio, Dalston Rehearsal Studio, DC Studios, DEF Studios, Dockside Studios, Dog House Studios, Downcast Studios, Doz Studios, Drill Hall Recording Studio, DS Studios, Dubrek Studios, Dug-Out Studio and Rehearsal Rooms, Earth Studios, Ebbsfleet Studios, Eiger Music Studios, Elements Studios, Elevator Studios, Ellis Music Studios, Elusive Recording & Rehearsal Studios, Empire Rehearsal Studios, E-Rooms, Eva Sound Studios, Eversfield Studio, Factory Road Studios, Factory Studios, Faktory Studios, Farm Factory Studios, Farm Studios, Feel That Noise, Firebird Studios, First Avenue Studios, Flightpath Rehearsal Studio, Fly By Nite Studios, Footes Music Drum Practice Room, Ford Lane Studios, Full Circle Music Studios, Gatehouse Studios, Gem Studios, Generation Studio, Glasshouse Studios, Glass Studios, Good Vibrations, Greatimage Music Studios, Greenbank Music Village, Green Dragon Studios, Green Room Studios, Gun Factory Studios, High Altitude Rehearsal & Recording Studio, Highfield Studio, Horizon Recording Studio, House of Mook Studios, Husky Studios, HVR Recording Studio, Instrumental Music Studios, Islington Arts Factory, Ivy Arch Studios, Jam Factory Studios, Jam Jar Studios, JamLive Studios, Jam on Top Music Studios, John Henrys, Kafri Studios, KMD Rehearsal Rooms, Ktown Studios, Labyrinth Studios, Lamp House Music, Lancaster Music Coop, Langlei Studios, LH2, Little Legs Studios, Liverpool Music Village, Lofi Studios, London Road Studios, Loopmaniac Studio, Lo-Tek Studios, LSH Spaces, Lydney Music, Magnet Studios, Master Rhythm Studios, Match Factory Music, Medway Sound Music Room, Mesi Studios, Millennium Studios, Mill Hill Music Complex, Monster Studios, Mr Gig Studios, Mushroom Rehearsal Studios, Mushrooms, Musical Vision, Musica Nova, Music Ape Studios, Music Bank, Music Base, Musicbox Studios, Mustard Seed Studio, Muthers Studio, Neon Sound Studios, New Cut Studios, Newid Studios, New Lane Studio, Next Step Studios, Nine Volt Leap Recording Studio, Noiseboy Studios, No Machine Studios, North London Music Academy, North Road Music Centre, NSP Recording Studios, Obasi Rehearsal & Studio, Old Blacksmiths Studios, Old Chapel Music Studios, Old Jet, Old Town Sound Studio, One Eye Dog Studios, One Louder Studios, One Nation Studios, Orchard Studios, Out Of Key Studio, Overall Studios, Overdrive Studios, Oxfordshire Music Rooms, Oxygen Rooms Rehearsal and Recording Studios, Pacific Rehearsal Rooms, Panic Button Studios, Panic Music, Paulshalls Studios, Penthouse Practice Suite, Peregrine's Pianos, Piggyback Studios, Planet Sounds Rehearsal & Recording Studios, Playing Aloud, Plug N Play Rehearsal Space, Plug Studios, Plymouth Music Collective, Polestar Studios, Powerhouse Studios, Practice Sheffield, Production Park, Propagation House Studios, Prospect Studios, Pulse Studios, Punch Studios, Pure Rehearsal Studios, Purple Pro Audio, Puzzle Maker Studios, Quadrangle Studios, Quad Studios, Quay West Studios, Radar Rehearsal Rooms, Raffer Studios, Rain City Rehearsal & Recording Studio, Rattle & Hum Studios, Real World Studios, Redbridge Rehearsal Studios, RedRock Studios, Red Wall Studios, Reel Rebels Studio, Resident Studios, Resonant Rehearsals, Rewind Rehearsal Rooms, Riff Rooms, Ritz Rehearsal Studios, Riverside Studios, River Studios, Riverway Studios, RMS Rehearsal Studios, Robannas Studios, Robbies Rehearsal Rooms, Robinwood Studios, ROC2 Studios, Rockbottom Rehearsal Studios, Rocket Park Studios, Rock Hard Music, Rock Hard Music Group, Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms, Room4 Studios, Rooz Studios, RPM Studios, RS Studios, Runway Studios, Safehouse Studios, Sala Studios, Salt Studios, Sanctuary Studios, Satellite Studios, Seaview Rehearsal Rooms, Sensible Music, Sham Studios, Silent Hill Studios, Silver Lining Studios, Simian Audio Rehearsal Rooms, Small Pond, Smash Room, Smokestack Studios, Smokin'beats, Snug Recording, So Called Studios, Sonic Rehearsal Studios, Sort Rehearsal Rooms, Soul Studios Rehearsal Studios, Sound Gallery Studios, Sound Haven Studios, Sound-Hub Studios, Sound Inc, Soundlab Studios, Soundmagic Music Studio, Sound Space Studios, Soundstage Studios, Spectrum Studios, SPHQ Teaching and Rehearsal Space, Spiral Studios, Splinter Studios, Stage 2000 Music Studio, Stage 2 Studios, Stage Studios, Stag Studios, Stalkers Studio, Starfish Studios, Stave Rehearsal Rooms, Stayfree Music, Still Ill Studios, Stiwdio Un / Studio One, Stockport Studios, Storm Rehearsal Studios, Strait Up Studios, Strangeway Studios, Stuck On A Name Studios, Studio 91, Studios 54, Sunlight Studios, Supanova Studios, Super Unison, SW19 Rehearsal Studios, Swanley Studios, Swanyard Music, Swervjam Rehearsal Studios, SWR Rehearsal Studios, Tad Studios, Taylor's Shure 5 Studios, Teesside School Of Music, Terminal Studios, The Audio Lab, The Audio Lounge, The Basement Project @ Colossal Youth, The Big Red, The Black Room Rehearsal Studio, The Blue Studios, The Boom Rooms, The Brickyard (Monochrome Productions), The Bridge, The Bunker Bonnybridge, The Bunker Sunderland, The Cabin Rehearsal Rooms, The Cardiff Arches, The Cave Rehearsal & Recording Studio, The Chiswick Rehearsal Room, The Cottage Music Studio, The Depot Studios, The Echo Lab Music Studios, The Engine Rooms, The Good Rehearsal Rooms, The Green Rooms, The Joint, The Lock Up Cambridge, The Mayfair Studio, The Midi Music Company, The Mill, The Music Centre, The Music Complex, The Music Shed, The Octave Rooms, The Ore-House Studio, The Parlour Recording Studios, The Practice Rooms, The Practice Roomz, The Premises Studios, The Pump House, The Rehearsal Rooms, The Rhoom Studios, The Rock & Roll Circus, The Rooms Rehearsal Studios, The Shift Studios, The Soundroom, The Space, The Unit, The White Rooms Rushden, The White Room Studios, The White Rooms York, The Woolpack Music & Art Studios, Tiger Studio, Tonegarden Studios, Tower Studio, Trackside Studio, Trackside Studios, Transmission Room, Tuff Gong Studios, Tweeters Rehearsal Studios, Twenty Two Studios, Under Construction, Under the Bridge Music Studios, Unit One Studios, Untapped Talent, Upland Studios, Uprawr Studios, Urbansound Rehearsal Studios, Vatican Rehearsal and Recording Studio, Venombase Studios, Vibrations Studios, Vintage and Valve, Voltage Studios, Volume Unlimited, Vulcan Studios, Warehouse Studios, Westbourne Rehearsal Studios, Whitehouse Studios, White Noise Studio & Rehearsal Space, WMD Studios, Yellow Bean Studios, Zebra Express Studios

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