Basement Studio


Stone Lane Industrial Estate, Wimborne BH21 1HB, UK

01202 973033

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Will McNicol, Pascal Consoli, Thames Television/Syco Entertainment, Channel 4 Television, Luke Selby, DD Allen, Charli Brix, Tweed Jacket Music, Ricochet Productions, Roo Panes, Ryan Butterworth, Kudos (Broadchurch) Productions, Bram Stoker




In the heart of Dorset, it is located in Wimborne Minster approximately 30 minutes drive-time from Bournemouth.


Located in the basement of a warehouse. It provides facilities for people who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to rehearse their music. It aims to build a community of artists & musicians, to create opportunities, to network and encourage each other.

Our studio has been crafted over a number of years with an emphasis on creating an environment that is atmospheric and inspiring but also acoustically diverse to meet every requirement.