Ford Lane Studios


Ford Ln, Ford, Arundel BN18, UK

01243 552338

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Royal Blood, Just Jack, Fickle Friends, Dmob Happy, From The Jam, The Source, 12 Stone Toddler, Shona Foster, Skinny Milk, Control, Tigercub, Cessna Deathwish, Sons, Gloo, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Riot, The Liabilities, The Slytones, Delta Dawn, Third Time Lucky, Backini, The Light Brigade, Lyz Cooper, The Hungry Mothers, DCR, Swoon, Grenades, Falseheads, James Elder, Frank Honnor, Hellbeings, New Tropics, Tagore, On A Hiding To Nothing, The Bottom Line, Alexi, The Bluejays, The Daunts, The Morning, Will and the People, Delirious?, Rubylux, Chris Simmons, Raya Rose, Tellurium, Flevans, Lack Of Afro, Miamigo, The Watermelons, Sarah Saville, One Giant Eye, The Wild Cards, The Voyd, Ben Solomon, Replay, V8’s, Davys Grip, Anna Foye, Blinder, Curxes, Heir Of The Dog, Lazzerettes, Novium, Jock Campbell, The Great Northeastern, Joel Peters, Aligator Smile, Debonaires, Last Chance To Escape, Robin Mayhew, Sunset Cricket Party, Fooley Mantras, Rebecca Burge, Bellyeyesmile, Derider, Dirty Divine, Kill Kasper, Daphnie Don't Float, Doctrine, Easthead, The Nuts, Creatures, Epporonoius, My Element, Myniemoe, Nothing To Loose, Patric Adam, Small Town Silence, Bundy, The Boo Hag Band, Joey Nightmare, The Guise, The Hotlines, The Little Shocks, The Vril, Thieves And Shadows, We Say Summer, 6 Miles Since, Combinations, Golden Section, Half Cut, Falcone, Kundalini, Level Penny, Segues, Seero, Acres of Life, Black Print, Boomslang, Left Arm Pregnant, Code 1, The Move Ons, Francis And Boyd, Golden boulder, Glam Ryze, The Hallways, Left At The Robot, Moments Too Late, Mr Smith, Red Sleeping Beauty, Sandfire Siren, Ricky And The Mimics, The Indicators, Machine People, Saltwater Sun, Telephone Road, The Vipers







We’re around 35 minutes from either Brighton or Southampton. Its about 15 minutes walk from Ford train station.


The studio was first converted from an old dairy in 1996.