Gun Factory Studios


Floor 2, 2a Barnabas Rd, Homerton, London E9 5SB, UK

0207 923 9533

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The Big Moon, Teleman, Marika Hackman, Superorganism, Boxed In, Ider, Lets Eat Grandma, Ten Tonnes, Puppy, Love Ssega, Raf Rundell, Girls In Synthesis, God Colony, H Grimace, Beatrice Dillon, Tom McFall, Creatures, Algiers, Our Girl, Nathan, Mathilda Homer, Eliza Doolittle, Sega Bodega, Halogenix, Johnny Flynn And The Sussex Wit, Banfi, Death In Vegas, Yassassin, Circuit Breaker, Cosmic Strip. Gas Lamp Killer Experience, Moshi Moshi Music, ATC Management, Transgressive Music, Spectrum, The Horrors, Cobalt Publishing, East City Management, Universal Music, Jack Savidge, Yuck, NZCA Lines, The Heliocentrics, Madonnatron, Toy, Japanese Television, Two Tribes, Tess Parks, Farao, Mute Management







All our rooms are acoustically treated, sound proofed and air conditioned. In addition to this our rooms have a state of the art fresh air replacement ventilation system. The studio has played host to many great bands over the years and still does to this day. Tucked away in a residential area it is both central and removed - perfect for focusing your mind on your music in a relaxed environment.