Panic Button Studios


30A, Platts Eyot, Lower Sunbury Road, Hampton TW12 2HF, UK

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The Naked Polaroids, Hundread Hounds, Bob James Management, StereoLove, Oliver Hopkins, Starman, Steve Summers band, Stuns, The Tempus, The Farrs, The Hurt, Tim Bennet, Bela Gisela, x-UFO, Lawrence Archer, Panta, Black Nuda, Marco Guazzone, MirkoeilCane, Fenix Records Entertainment, Universal Records, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Le Scimmie Astronaouta, We were Gods, Jason Feddy, Jenners Field, Karima Francis, Kites, Kosmo Kings, Lenny, Suzerain, How to Live, IAMWARFACE, The Kings Parade, The Crooked Kings, Sway, Fuzz Skyler, Our Propaganda, Shelly Bonet, Mr North, Colin Smith, Amanda Daviner, Eric Clapton,, Laura Pausini, 99 Posse, Allies, Amplifier, Anison, Anshelle, Arcane Roots, Baby Black Palms, Blueveils, Bravenoise, Cure for Gravity, David Koller, Chinaski, Drugstore, Stem, Steve Weltman Management, Jake Hall




The closest Mainline train is at Hampton Station.


The studio is on an Island and of course there is a bridge but you can only get over on foot. The car park is huge and there are no parking restrictions. If you come to the Studio first I have a trolly for gear if required.