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Comparisons were made to a similar survey carried out 5 years ago to spot any trends. Further information, including the results and methodology can be found here.

In other news, UK music rehearsal spaces have got back in to full swing following announcements by the government that lockdown measures have been removed. Some spaces have taken the opportunity to introduce ways to attract new users.

These include:

  • Introduction of lockouts and split lockouts

  • Networking nights

  • Late night sessions

  • Use of virtual mixers in practice rooms

  • Pay what you can rehearsal sessions

We have introduced a new registration page on the Bandspace website. This allows music rehearsal spaces to register details of their space on the Bandspace website once they have signed up for free membership.

Otherwise, thanks for reading this far, stay safe and see you next month with the latest news from the world of music rehearsal spaces.
Trevor at Bandspace

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