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Magnet Rehearsal Studios Nottingham


Practice rooms have been purpose built and were designed by experienced musicians for use by musicians. MAGNET is staffed by people. Real humans who will help you with technical difficulties, choosing the right equipment and giving you the benefit of their years in the music industry. You may choose an automated studio and pay less but experience will also be substanially less. Magnet prides itself on maintaining a creative environment for the all types and standards of musician. It recognoses the importance of human interraction, which is why we created the chill-out common space, where you can meet other muso's or thrash out some ideas with your bandmates.

The equipment is maintained in real time, 24/7, so you are guaranteed uninterrupted rehearsal. All you need to do is bring your instrument and leave the rest to us. Although you can do the playing!!!

With over 30 years in the music industry, there is very little that will phase us. Service is helpful and friendly.

The rehearsal rooms have been tastefully decorated and carpeted. Coloured lighting is available in each room so you can create your own mood. Cooling fans have been installed in every room for comfort and the rooms are cleaned every single day. Even the toilets are spotless!!

Each room has its own circuit protected ring main. All our equipment is PAT tested and maintained to a very high standard. Unlike many of our competitors we we have public liability insurance.

Fire alarms with strobe light and extinguishers have also been installed in each room for your safety and our peace of mind. The premises are protected by video surveillance and regularly maintained alarm system linked to a remote security station.

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