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Karen Speaker Manager

Karen Speaker Manager

SKU: Kar-GB4-Gre-Car
  • Unikt portrett gratulasjonskort

  • Rektangelkort A6 105 x 148mm

  • Trykt på 300gsm glanset papir

  • Kommer med hvit konvolutt

  • Blank inngang på innsiden

  • Sendt første klasse via Royal Mail

  • Levering 12-15 virkedager

  • Details

    Karen Speaker Manager spoof foot pedal greetings card

    with rage, tone, don't use that tone with me and bring me the manager controls

    This Bandspace musician's greeting card is perfect for any occasion - birthday, anniversary, thank you or invite. The multicoloured card features a humorous theme that will surely bring a smile to your friend's face. The folded card comes with an envelope for easy delivery and personalisation options are available. Whether you're a musician yourself or just love their work, this greeting card is a great way to show your appreciation. It's a unit that measures 14.8cm in height and 10.5cm in width, and was made in the United Kingdom. Get ready to make your friend's day with this Bandspace musician's greeting card!

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