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Music rehearsal spaces act as a hub for music-makers in our communities - see our Introduction series of blogs. Our research suggests as well as sound-proofed practice rooms with amps, drums and PA, collectively music rehearsal spaces provide a range of services to musicians including recording studio and production suites, live music promoter/venue, music lessons, long-term lockout rooms, amp & instrument repairs, equipment hire, secure storage for your kit, retailing instruments & spares, video & live streaming and youth, health & disability projects.

We have conducted surveys in to the sector in 2023, 2022, 2016 and 2006.

Brighton Electric_edited

Amp Repair

- Service & repairs

- PA head repairs

- Spare part sales

- Electronic repairs to amps

- Refurbishment of amp & speaker

- Digital valve matching/checking

- Portable Appliance Testing

- Speaker repairs

Graham Russell Drums

Equipment hire

- PA systems

- Keyboards

- Backline amps

- Drums & percussion

- Guitars

- Lights

Green Room Studios-2

Instrument repair

- Guitar re-stringing & re-fretting
- Guitar set-ups & truss alignment
- Guitar distressing, neck & body

- Adjustment & repairs

- Fret polishing & cleaning electrics

- Repairs to digital pianos & keyboards

- Drum Tuning / Re-Skinning

- Drum refurbishment

Music Box Rehearsal Studio

Health & disability

- Activities remove barriers to music-making

- Dancing or moving to music

- Workshops improve mental

- Session helps physical well-being

Royal Blood

Live Music Promoter

- Books acts to play at a venue

- Publicises a show & sells tickets

- Pays performers

- Works at or for a club, bar, venue or festival

- Open mic nights

ABC Rehearsal Studios 2


- Your own private permanent space

- Convenient access to your gear anytime

- Secure workspace with your stuff & vibe

- Leave gear set up permanently set-up

- Sublicense your room with other bands

- Store equipment between gigs

Sound engineer

Recording studio

- Sound recording, mixing & production

- Editing and mastering

- Analogue & digital equipment

- Sound engineer balancing your sound

- Dedicated live rooms

Highfield Studio


- Range of products on sale

- Knowledgeable staff

- Stock new gear from beginner upwards

- Accessories such as strings & stands

- Try out instruments before purchase

Old Jet


- Protected by contents insurance

- Save moving your kit about

- Store infrequently used gear

- Secure & dry conditions

- Short & long-term storage

- Easy access to kit while rehearsing

Practising bass

Music tuition

- Singing lessons & vocal coaching

- Drum lessons

- Guitar tuition

- Piano & keyboard lessons

- Songwriting sessions

- Recording & production lessons

- Band workshops

- Earn a recognised qualification

Band rehearsing 11

Video & streaming

- Connect with your fans online

- Multi-camera video

- Create a look that suits your genre

- Stream direct to social media

- Professionally live sound & vision mixing

- Final performance recorded

Base Page

Youth projects

- Provides instruments and equipment

- Young people run sessions themselves

- Improve personal & social development

- Safe and attractive rooms and activities

- Alternative to school curriculum

- Improve perception of young people

- Assist talent into the music industry

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