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First Avenue Studios Newcastle


The studios are spread over two floors. The main entrance on the ground floor takes you into the reception area. The ground floor houses our rehearsal rooms (all with drum risers) and one live room wired to the recording studio upstairs.

We have installed state-of-the-art sound-proofing in each of our rehearsal rooms, including lead-lined walls, sand pugging, room-within-a-room technology utilising heavy duty wall constructions and double leaf soundproof door systems. We are confident that you will not suffer from any noticeable noise intruding into your space while rehearsing. In nearly 25 years we have never had a single complaint of this nature.

The building has been extensively fitted and re-fitted with specialised architectural features and treatments to create the optimal acoustics and comfort necessary for the successful and enjoyable completion of your musical project, to the highest standards. Access is excellent, with fresh-air circulation and ground-floor loading. Our staff have extensive knowledge and experience. They are always available for helpful, friendly service and advice.

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