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Gem Studios Birmingham


If you’re a professional or semi-professional band, or if you simply like having your gear set up the way you like it – ready to use when you want – then a lockup is for you.

For a fixed rent, you have exclusive access to a secure, sound-treated room. You can set up your own rehearsal and/or recording gear just as you like it. No set-up or take-down time – you just turn up and play!

As a resident lockup band you also become part of a close musical community – ideal for gig-sharing, co-promotion, creative collaborations and simply making friends. If you rehearse more than five hours a week then a lockup is by far the cheapest option, with the added bonus that you can use your own gear and know that it’s safe and secure when you’re not using it.

Some of our rooms are big enough for two or more bands to share – a great way of cutting the cost.

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