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What makes a good music rehearsal space pdf

What makes a good music rehearsal space pdf


A downloadable full colour A4 sized pdf document

  • Sick of visiting a practice room where the gear looks like it's been pulled from a skip?
  • Tired of using a dingy practice room that smells like a cesspit?
  • No longer want to wear three pairs of gloves and a parka coat in the winter?
  • Introduction

    Well get a load of this. We followed hundreds of music rehearsal spaces' websites and Facebook pages to see what else was on offer. This article takes the best of the lot and distills our findings in an easy to follow summary. We didn't compare prices but rather grouped common offers to create three proposed levels to give an idea of the range of services available to a rehearsing musician. The more services you require the higher the cost.We were not able to visit the spaces in person so we wholly relied on how well they presented themselves on the internet. To start with we took the perspective of a rehearsing musician.

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