Survey time!

It has been some years since we conducted a national snapshot poll of how spaces are used to be shared with the sector and our members. Last time was in 2016 and we received 30 responses.

Many music rehearsal spaces operate as hubs for their local music scenes. Of course, the use of practice rooms differ depending on the end purpose of its users. We hope to capture these different uses in this short poll.

Although we may not be out of the woods from the global pandemic and many music rehearsal spaces may not be running at their optimum, we hope the survey will provide an interesting insight in to how spaces are currently being used.

We have listed 400 music rehearsal spaces in the UK so hope to get as many responses as possible to give an accurate picture as possible. We will share the results with the sector and partners in March.

Of course, your responses will be confidential. The poll is for UK spaces only.


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